British Bench Press Record 212.5kgs

Well here we are back from my debut as a Master lifter. It was good to see a few people at the master I have not seem for a while and catch up with some familiar faces

For myself my decided to do a token squat of 240kgs and 255kg in knee wraps only. The bench has been going good after a 200kg opener I went to 207kg and then onto 212.5kgs, both of these were British open and master’s records in the 74kg bodyweight class. Onto the deadlift and with a 235kg opener I made another 2 good attempts and went onto finish with a personnel best lift of 255kgs

Here are the videos from the lifting please excuse they are a bit mixed up I was still half asleep when I did it. Well done to the others who lifted and it was good to see some familiar faces and catch up with good friends

I would like to thank the guys who help me out and firstly to Pedro for the filming and help in the warm up room. The sponsors, who are NRG Fuel and Titan Support systems. Robert Doyle for his healing hands and keeping my body together. Thanks for your support Guys

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