British Bench 2014

Evening guys, well just sat thinking it is about time I updated the blog again. Over the last few weeks I have hit the raw squats a bit hard, stupid reps like 10sss after knocking out a set of 10 on 192 I found myself with a slight quad tear. Lesson learnt and now I think it is back to normal reps from now on. Anyway onto the year ahead and I have now started to focus on the bench ready for January. Think we got about 8 weeks till the event and hopefully I will get into some tidy shape and stake my claim for a slot in the national GB team for the IPF world Masters bench press in England. Not done this event before so that should be fun and maybe see if I can get into the medals. I am now going to get back into what I know works for me and start to wear some lose kit on the heavy day. Also on the lighter day I am going to use some bands again I found they worked well with my speed work. Maybe even get a third session in during the week and going to a raw max daily single. AS far as supplements are going i am still using the Anabolic whey from NRG Fuel along with the 100% whey, both taste great and mix really well. Well worth a try if you fancy a change fro your normal supps

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