Blood vestle

Hey guys just a bit of an update on the last weeks training. We are now back on course and focused towards the planned events for the first part of the year. I did have a bit of a scare last week with the Bicep, I felt a slight pull and was not too sure all I know was it was not like the time it went this was actually quite painful. However after doing some deadlifts tonight I now feel better with it and can restart the deadlift program now towards the GBPF Masters in April
The bench went well this week and a despite not going to max I blew the blood vessels under both eyes, the weight was 187.5Kgs for 3 sets of 2 all paused with a loose bench shirt on. My bodyweight is looking good.

Think next week I will get some videos for you guys and I also hope to have some of the new Titan Signature series knee wraps, I can let you all know how they feel

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