Blogging and some new Titan Kit

Sorry for the lack of blogging guys it has been a manic few weeks and along with a slight back injury it has been not the best few weeks.
A few weeks ago I had a niggle on my lower back and now it looks like it may have been something to do with the sciatic nerve, the good news is that it is now sorted but with some crucial time off I have had to mess my build up around and I have not been able to follow the program I have planned out..
Last week I managed to do some Squats and Deadlifts with some little pain but I did manage to get up to around 80% off my lifts. This week it does feel so much better and that’s a much better feeling with the World Masters a few weeks away. However I do feel confident off still lifting to a tidy standard. The ultimate goal will still be the same but I think it will just have to be put back a bit till I can get a good build up and back to full form. I know this all sounds like a bad excuse but I have never really had a bad injury with all the time I have been lifting. The worse one I have had was the bicep tear and for those of you who did not know that put me out for around 8 months. Being the only real injury I have had in 25 years’ worth of lifting you will understand mentally it is something I have not had to deal with.
Anyways onto some good news Titan have sorted out my new kit for the Worlds and I am as always appreciated to the guys over there for their help and support so here are the new colours for this year’s Worlds and let’s hope that they bring me luckKit

We will be getting some videos sorted out this week and posted I know there are a few on Facebook already, however I will be hoping to get a full length one with the weeks highlights.

Supplementation wise i am back loaded up with Anabolic Transporter and BCCA and Glutamine all from my Sponsors NRG Fuel. These great products along with the rest off the range are well worth checking out. My THANKS to these guys and Titan are second to none they have stood by me for some years now and i am Proud to be an ambassador for both these company’s

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