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Here is just a bit off an update on how the last few weeks have gone since the last update.
Training has changed a bit and I have introduced some kit for this part off the build-up. For the squats there is knee wraps and a lose suit worn with straps down. On the bench I have an oversized shirt; there is nothing on the deadlift yet. The main change with the program will be lower sets and multiple reps. I have gone back to my basic template and adjusted the few things I have found worked well for me whilst I was doing the raw stuff.
The British will be soon here and I need to get all my lifts back firing on full cylinders. My bench training has changed a fair bit and it i starting to feel much better already. Some more shoulder work has been introduced and some band work to help with recovery. Also I have gone back to benching twice a week again. I feel this was one off the big changes I have tried and it is fair to say did not work at all. This year’s British will be different and what with the combined age groups lifting there should be some big classes and mine does seem to be growing. Apart from last year’s British champ is lifting, there are a few off the juniors who are very competitive at 74Kgs. Sunil from the West Mids and Duffy from YNE. Both guys are still young and are showing great promise for the future. So with some top class lifting expected I will have to make sure my lifting is also on top form in order to retain my Masters title and hopefully regain the Open class also.
Also there have been some donations on my Go Fund me Account. Let’s hope there are some more generous people out there who will help with my campaign to get to the IPF World Masters and retain my Title. For anyone wanting to help the link is any donations are greatly appreciated

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