Back Training

It has been a while since I updated my blog. I am now feeling more like myself and able to train fully, so that is good news for me.  It has been time for reflection and now that the European master’s is only a few weeks away I have decided to pull out of this event. There is o point in lifting with a few short weeks training and I don’t feel like I will be doing myself credit. I am now looking at lifting later in the year and hopefully get something out that is a true reflection of how my training has gone. This weekend was the British seniors and I hear that the guys and girls did well there; shame about the numbers but with the change of date and venue there was bound to be a few people who would not be able to make it there.  Also I see there is some banter going on about me and Paul cooper “AKA the deadlifter” going head to head at the Classic Powerlifting in September. We will see it depends on how things pan out with work and life in general. The inaugural Classic Powerlifting has gone also and that seemed to have gone down well, I am not to sure what will happen now with that and what direction the IPF will go in from now on.  I have had my new kit on from Titan and the squat suit is now fitting me and feels great I am really looking forward to having a run out in that later in the year

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