Back on Track and the Four Nations

Well I year being held in wales. I am going to take this build up a bit different now because of the time am now back in to training now after the Western European Cup, Next on the agenda is the Four Nations this scale I have to get ready for it. Going to work up in weights and not use much kit at all I think I will just put it on for the comp day then and unleash hell. The ideas is to work up to about 80% in the next few weeks and also start some cardio to help with the recovery process.

So for any of you local guys and girls why not come along to see the Four Nations and check out the lifting. I have been told it is going to be a great show the guy behind it has worked really well and has pulled in some big sponsor ship and has done himself Proud A big Thank you to Rob Thomas for all your hard work in hosting this  event


Here is the link for the web site for the Four Nations



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