Back in traininig and feeling it

Well I think it is fair to say that I feel wrecked lol, after a short break from weights it is now back to it full steam ahead. All the weights feel heavy and I feel slow doing them. Let’s hope in the next few weeks things all change and slot back into shape. I suppose on the bright side I am just about on my class weight and that is a big surprise. Normally I would be back up to 76Kgs but hey something is going good. I am doing my normal training now on the Squat and Deadlift but I have changed my Bench around. I have decided to go back and do what I was doing before the British Bench Press in March. My bench felt good there so that has to be worth a try for this build up. With regards to the European Masters I am pleased to say I am going there and the challenge is on to win and be one of the few who has won a European title at Junior, open and Masters age groups. My first European title was in Sweden in 1989 as a junior. Now I am showing my age lol
The cardio has started and is going ok I just need to get those head phones on to take me into another world and take the boredom out of it. My Kit sponsor Titan is also doing me a new squat suit for the comp and we have altered a few things and hopefully the fit will be spot on, It usually is.
Also with regards to Supplements I am now using the Anabolic whey from NRG Fuel. All I can say is raspberry is lush. A good quality product and a stunning taste, well done guys.
I am going to start to get a few of the videos from the week’s sessions and upload them for you to have a laugh at.

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