Back in Training

Here we are now back into the gym and back to some hard Training.  It will soon be time to plan the years Events and see what comps are good for me. Now I have become a master lifter I have so much more to choose from. I think however the first choice is to do the British Masters in March and then see how it goes from there.  So some light stuff for the first few weeks and then get myself onto some sort of program that will focus more on what I am going to do.  In May the European open is in the Ukraine and that looks good.  However the worlds are in Puerto Rico now that is miles away this year, mind you the World Masters is in the USA. Now I have competed all over this globe but never in the USA so that would be a good chance to get out there and see just how they do their events and catch up with some of my friends out there.  Like before I will try to get the blog updated on a weekly basis and keep you guys updated on what is going on, feel free to add comments at any time, we now have that facility and it will be good to hear what you guys have to say.

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