Back in the Shirt

Well it has been a while since I last posted what was going on. I have been hitting the bench hard for the forthcoming National Bench press in March. I did 4weeks worth of raw benching under the “Horncastle Way”. I have now reverted back to shirted bench and have had a couple of sessions in it, the first was 172 for 5 sets of 2 then this week it was 182 for the same. I have o sat my upped body seems like it had been beaten the last few sessions so that means I am working hard, On my speed day I am still doing the bands to get the body used to exploding the weights from the chest, this session is not about the weight it is about moving the weight FAST`.
I will try to get a few Clips sorted this week and posted. With regards to the other lifts I am now on full training cycle for the British Masters and I am fully focused on having a good comp, I have spent some time planning out my year ahead and hopefully the first 6 months will go to plan, I won’t say too much after all I don’t want to jinx myself

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