Back and ready to rumble, and SBD knee sleeves

Well the rest is now over and it is back to it, and back with a vengeance. It is not long now till the European masters and I am back and focused on a big total at this event. I am going to continue with what I have been doing and after the last comp having a PB deadlift I am sure just what I do is right for me.
Hot news on the Raw front is the new SBD knee sleeves having had a pair to try i have to say it is different, they are tight and after trying them on I will see what they are like to squat with. The bit I like is they actually stand up on their own. I am also lead to believe that SBD have sponsored the GBPF raw team for the classic worlds. They are a British company new out and supporting British Powerlifting. Also they are approved and allowed in IPF events


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