Arnold Classic Europe 2018

It has been some time since I updated the blog so here we are 3 weeks away from the Arnold classic. So, what’s been happening then? Well I think the training program has had to change a little bit and I feel that sometimes that must be done. There will times when even the best laid out plans need to be looked at and adjusted.
So, with that in mind I had to change some off my training but now we are back on plan it is all steam ahead. Bodyweight is coming down nicely and whilst at the Arnold it is not the main thing to be in my weight class I would like to compete at 74Kgs. For those who don’t know the Arnold is Wilks based for the placing (the wilks is a bodyweight formula)
So right now, the basics are I am up to just under 85% of my max weights with lower weight rep range as I would normally be at this point. I have not used any off my comp kit yet in training, but I am sure that will change now in the next few weeks. I do want to do my last few sessions in full kit and to make sure my lifts are comp quality. After all I don’t want to get knocked back for silly mistakes like what happened at the European master’s earlier on this year.
Then just a real sort time after the Arnold I will be doing the European master’s Bench press and that will be a big change for myself after all whilst being a reasonable bencher it will only be the second time I have ever done a full on international in the Bench. I don’t quite know what I will do in the short time between the 2 comps, but I am fairly confident it won’t be a lot just enough to cruise through. Then it will be a well-earned rest and some down time before I have to look at planning out for the next comp, however that won’t be until next year so there will be plenty of time to assess plan and change things around

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