Almost there

Hi guys, here is the breakdown of this week’s Training has gone. Monday was heavy Bench and the top working sets were 195kgs for a few sets of 2, this time I was using a comp size shirt and all paused. Wednesday was deadlifts and it was the first time with a suit on, finding it a bit different from the previous raw training I did 235kgs for a few doubles.  These I would have liked to been a bit easier and a lot fast.  Friday was squats and these were done in a lose suit with wraps, the working weights were 287.5kgs, again these were for doubles.

On the whole I am pleased with this week’s sessions there are a few bits that I felt could have been better but I think things in general are going the right way, for myself I am now having to train out of the comfort zone and stat to hit a few P.B’s in training. I have 1 more weeks training left till the Europeans and I think it is all down to the day then. What with being in the lowest ranking on paper for some time. The class is so close and a few Kg’s could make a world of difference I would like to think that I will jump up on the day and lift to my ability. I am not going to say about predictions or anything like that as I feel that it is all down to the day and strange things happen. Next week I am going to try my best to get the top sets filmed and posted up at the end of the week with my weekly write up.

If any of you have any comments them please feel free to respond to any of the posts that I have done

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