Almost done

Well so much for filming the sessions last week, in my defense it was hard enough getting in and having someone to spot and help out, however it all went ok and I am pleased with how the week ended. Squatted 280Kgs with no issues with the quad so that is well and truly sorted and I am over that small issue. Bench I was up to 200Kgs and 235Kgs for the deadlift. This week is going to be a busy one again with work and trying to fit in the sessions but there will be no assistance this week just the lifts and build up. Not being the best build up I have had but hey it is all down to comp day then and how things go even the best build ups can end in a bad days lifting. For me I think the main thing is to make sure of my attempts and maybe hold the rains back a bit. Saying that I do have a few targets I would like to get so may be easier to say than do.
This week as I said I will be cutting right back and just concentrating on the main lifts in comp style and hoping to nail the last few sessions that combined with a very long week in work should be fun. The bodyweight is good also and I am pleased with that and not having to drop a lot of weight in the last few days towards the comp

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