Worlds here we come

imageHere we are guys almost the end off my training program on this build up towards the worlds. I have been a big lazy with the blog updates off late. Anyways so here goes the last few session have been great I ended up training with a few mates in Birmingham and squatted with the guys there. The session ended with a few singles on 305kgs and whilst they first one was a tad high the second was a much better squat and was good.
Then we moved onto a bench session on Glasgow with my better half and the boys up in extreme gym. The final bench was up to 217.5kgs for a few singles again. I have taken a few videos on these lifts and they have been posted on Instagram for now. I think after the final deadlifts this week I will get the last few lifts posted together for a final video before the worlds.
There has been a few people who have helped with my go fund me appeal and I am over whelmed with the generosity off people who have donated. If anyone wants to help there is still time and the link is

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