218Kg Bench at the Nationals

Hi Guys Well here we are after the National Bench press and pleased with my lifting. Not quite the lifts I planned but happy anyway. Quick run down the lifts went 210Kgs, 218Kgs for a British open and masters record then a go at 222.5Kgs. that last one was a bit of an ego ,lift it was just over 3 times bodyweight attempt. So comp done and selection for the IPF world masters Bench Press in April was accomplished. Here is a Video of the Lifts from Saturday

So what is next well it is back into training now towards the British Masters Full Power in March. My quad issues from a while ago is feeling good and this week I managed to get some heavier squats in working up to 190 for 3 sets of 3 then a set of 3 at the end. All sets felt good and I am now feeling confident the leg will be fine and I can get on to my program towards the masters.

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