British Masters 2012

Here we are the week of the British masters. For me I am going along to show my face and have my first outing at the masters. The main reason or this would be for selection for the squad going for the world masters later on this year. I am leaving my options open after all both the world masters and open are in America and it will come down to the costing for each trio as to which one I go to. I have been pushing my bench hard for the last few weeks and what with blowing the blood vessels in my eye last week it is fair to say there has been some hard work done. My body weight is now up to 77kgs and I feel quite good at this weight and not a fat as I would expect to normally be. Like I said the masters I am going to lift but I won’t be pushing the squat and deadlift. I may go all out on the bench it will depend how things feel on the day. The main reason for this is that I am building up for the Europeans in May and that is the main focus.

On the training front things are going to plan. The last squat session I went up to 240 for 3 sets of 3 in old knee wraps. The Deadlift was 200 for 4 sets of 3. ┬áSo on that side I am going to plan and happy with it. I have still when I can do the split sessions and even though I am doing the main part if the session later in the day I do find it a lot harder to do than normal. I can’t make up my mind whether it is a good idea or not.

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