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British Masters Classic June 22

So, this was interesting, having never competed in Northern Ireland it was great to finally got to go there and see just how good they run their events, and boy they do a good comp.

So, bodyweight went well and I was down to under 74 for the first time in a while, weighing at 73.8Kgs. That was a great start but then the squats did not go to plan, I opened up on 212.5Kgs a lift that I was happy with when I decided on starters.  During the warm ups my last was a lot heavier than it should have been, I missed my opening lift second, I went down and basically stayed there then managed to scrap through on the last lift. The long and short of it was I opened tooooooooooo heavy. With the big shock to myself I dropped both my bench and deadlift openers a bit to regain confidence and get me back building a total.  Bench went 132.5/137.5/140 last 2 attempts were British records for Masters 2

Deadlifts I went 210/220/225 and with loads left in the tank I finished the day down on what I wanted but without a decent squat it was inevitable my plan went tits up on the day. I will say Belfast you were great and it was lovely to catch up with so many friends and others i had yet to meet.

For anyone who wants to watch the lifting it was streamed and the link is:

So now that is over it is onto the next comp and that’s only a few weeks away and that is the European Masters Equipped Championships, these are being held in Sweden at the start of July.  With not much time between these 2 comps it will be interesting to see how I feel come the next one.