Monthly Archives: March 2022

European Masters Update

So here is the update on the European Classic Championships. For me I was really looking forward to this event and training had been good and on target, bodyweight had been good also. Then the madness started with the Russian situation with the Ukraine. Now about a month or so ago I had my flights cancelled that had been booked up since last December. So, we got the new flights sorted and   flight out got cancelled just before the championships itself started. So, it was then making a decision on whether to find new flights out with another airline. The one I had booked with did not have anything going out in the week to get me there in time to compete. So, I made the choice not to go and give it a miss this time. I do think I did the adult thing and make sure I did not go there and subject myself to any possible hasstle. I had hoped in the last few weeks prior to the championships it would have been postponed and rearranged.

So, with all that in mind I have now readjusted my training and the focus for now will be on the Welsh Championships at the end of April. whilst that in Cardiff is not the same as Lithuania it is a need must. It ill then be onto the British Classic championships in Belfast, now this is quite funny I have never lifted in Northern Ireland, every time we have had something on there I have had to pass for some reason. Then it will be the Masters Equipped Europeans in Sweden in Eskilstuna. Now this will be my second time going to this town I went there years ago as an open lifter and think it was my first international in the 67.5Kgs bodyweight class. So, all in all it will be a busy few months and with the plan now firmly in place it is something I am looking forward to. The rest of the year is still a bit sketchy but I am sure things will work out well and there’s still the fingers crossed for the Arnold is September.