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British review

So, it has been just over a week now since the British was and I have had time to look back on the whole day and what should or could have been.

Weight now this had been great in the build up and in the last few days I do not know what happened it jumped up a fair bit that expected and I felt that it was going to be touch and go, being wrapped up and in the last 12 hours I dropped close to a Kg and a half and that was definitely not the plan. So on the day I weighed in at bang on 74Kgs so that was one thing off my mind.

Onto the comp, squats felt good and I opted in the end to just take the one lift to give me time to get ready for the bench. Now since the whole lockdown thing has come and gone and I feel that my bench went with it. It has been the hardest part of coming back to competing. The plan was to get close to a 200Kg bench and after my opener on 190Kgs I felt confident that this was possibility. However, my second did not go to plan and some foot movement just threw me off and I missed it, the third was slightly different and still ended up in a miss. Deadlifts did not feel as good as they have done and for me the biggest challenge was to make sure I was able to hold onto the bar, this ongoing issue with dermatitis on my palms has become a pain in the ass and has made holding on harder then normal. Suppose not being able to deadlift for a few weeks prior to the comp was not the best idea. So opener went well 225Kg I then jumped to 245Kgs and my whole set up was wrong and when I went to pull it was just not going anywhere.

So, the conclusion apart from making weight it was a below par days lifting and not what I wanted.

Looking forward now it will be Lithuania in march for the European Classic Championships and this will be my first classic international and will take me out of my comfort zone. I did go back into training a few days after the comp and now I have things I want to add and change about my build up towards the comp and hope that things go better there. Fingers crossed

Happy New Year

Here’s to a happy new year to everyone and let’s hope things are going to be much better this year.

Well with the British Championships only a few weeks away now I am starting to wind up this training cycle and the inevitable hope it all goes well on the day thoughts are going through my mind. This training plan is based on some of the lifts I finished with last year and I am hoping it will be a good foundation to start the rest of the years training.  Having been selected for the forthcoming European Classic championships in March I want to get back into training as soon after the British as possible and I have a 6-week training cycle towards that event. I think there’s a big misconception out there that equipped lifters use kit all the year round and are not strong without the kit that does it all for us lol

However, the real truth is we all do a load of raw training in order to build the strength before the kit goes on then we transfer it too the real lifting.  Equipped lifting is so much different to classic as the kit does try to take you out of the correct form you have built up without kit. Working with kit is an art form in itself.