Monthly Archives: December 2021

Christmas and Training

Here we are a few weeks away from Christmas and may I wish you and your family’s a lovely Christmas. 

Training has been on point for the last o many weeks and all focused towards the British champs in January. Normally I would do some form of deload before I do my final build up on kit. This time I ends up doing a weeks holiday instead, to relax a bit. Mind you I did end up finding a nice gym to have a session at. So what’s next well it is back home to cold wet Swansea and once all my tests are clear it will be kit on and get focused towards the British. Whilst this year is not finished yet I have started to plan the year ahead. I am sort of hoping to make up for this years madness and get some internationals under my belt. So with each championship It is one step closer to the end goal.  Leaving this year behind I think I have made a stamp on being an M2 lifter, and that’s just the start. Let’s hope for bigger and better things to come.