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Arnold mania

So now that the Arnold is over and all I can  say it was an amazing event to be competing it. Now I have had the privilege in the past to compete at the European event and this one in the UK was just something that was so much bigger and better. I think with Eddie Hall being a big driving force with the event it had to be such a big success. If any of you made it there during the 3 days I am sure you will agree. 

So let’s set the scene with around 20,000 people in attendance then all the events stalls and other sports going ahead the NEC was jam packed. Now when the lifting was going on we had a few thousand stood watching the whole comp. I have never ever lifted in front of so many people and the buzz that they have not only myself but all the other lifters was unbelievable. 

Now onto my lifts, openers were squat 265kgs, bench 190.5kgs and deadlift 220kgs. These are all weights I have done so many times before and feeling confident with my selection, making weight was surprisingly ok this time. I did not have to drop a lot to get myself in the body weight class I wanted to be in. Now whilst there was no real stipulation on me being a weight in order to have a chance of breaking any sort of record I needed to be in my weight class.  

Squats, opener was a British Masters2 record then on my second I went 280kgs this was now an European M2 record. Then we went to 290.5kgs this was a successful lift and a World M2 record. 

Bench, oh this is where the fun really started. My opener was a weight I have done maybe a dozen times in the last month and today it was just rubbish. My warm ups did not go right I was sloppy and just rubbish. Missing both first and second attempts it was all or nothing on my last and with the weight being 190.5kgs it was actually a British and European M2 record. Just scrapping it in on my last attempt really was for me a pressure lift. A miss would mean the previous records I had done would all be lost as no total no records. So as I said I scrapped it in. 

Deadlift, opening on 220kgs was a weight that I can do an day time or place and was what I needed to post a total and make sure the previous records all stood. Now also that weight gave me a British and European total record for the M2 age and being 701kgs. Now in the last few months I have had some real issues with ripped callouses and a bout of dermatitis. So with my hands potentially being the weak link in my armour the easy opener was then upped to 250kgs for my second lift. Again a weight I have lifted many a time before and this weight was chosen to also give me a shot at bettering the previous total records and attempting to break the World total record. With such a big build up from the MC and the crowd making so much noise it was a pure adrenaline rush. A successful lift followed and a new World total record was set 731kgs. This was a day like no other for me. Yes I have lifted more in the past, and broken records but with the whole Arnold mania it just made it what it was. 

The breakdown is 6 British records. 5 European records and 2 World records in the M2, 74kg body weight class. 

The Icing on the cake was a 2nd place overall and a cool 1,000 Euros in my pocket. 
A big shout out to all who watched and supported me with this and everything I do. The organisers who made the event possible. Table staff, referees, loaders and finally the Arnold for inviting the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) to take part and being run under the British Powerlifting affiliate. It has been a while since we had a big international event in the UK and boy was it great. 

Arnold classic Uk

So here we are the weekend of the Arnold whooooo hooo so apart from this being the first UK one it is hopefully going to be a great event to be at. In the last few weeks I have enjoyed training more than ever and I have started to feel like the forced Covid break is well behind me and I can now get back to full strength again.  Hitting Masters 2 this year is another milestone in my Powerlifting journey. I was asked the other day about how do I keep going after all these years. For me it is still the same I want to better myself and now in a different age group it has opened up new challenges to me. Goals and titles are there to be taken. I don’t feel any different to when I was 30 or 20 tbh. My strength well was still on the up and I do feel that will carry on again from here on in. I have a great work, rest balance and that give me time in all aspects of my life. 

So back to the job at hand this weekend. Firstly to make weight and then it is into having fun at the event. Masters lifting is less stressful than the open and that allows us to enjoy it and have fun. For those who are masters and unsure you should try it out. Now I have had at times had a different outlook on competing. Nerves still play a big part in what comes with comp day and let’s hope that never stops. It is a big driver for me and something despite how prepared I am I still have.  Dealing with them on the day is something that can be hard, I do put myself under some pressure to do good and that’s because I don’t like to let people down. My lovely partner Michelle, my family and close friends all of who are so supportive of what I have done and continue to do.