Monthly Archives: September 2021

It’s getting closer

So, what’s been happening since my last update, well training has gone great and I will say I am really enjoying each session. It’s been great to have things all running well and with no real issues to report let’s hope this continues up to and beyond the Arnold. I suppose it would take some time to come back after the Covid lay off and all the problems that brought along with gyms being closed. Still, that’s all gone and hopefully it won’t come back to that situation, well not till the Arnold is done at least. So today was a good day in the gym over the last few weeks I have been trying a few different shirts on to see what I wanted to compete in. Today we got the shirt sorted and it was a good bench session ending up on 195.5Kgs for a few singles (if you know you know), and whilst my bench seems to be the one thing that is taking its time to come back to what it was, I have to say it was great to feel that weight today and more so to move it comfortably. I have been very conservative for this comp with my bench numbers and whilst I feel I now starting to get that lift back I have no big aspirations for anything like I have done on the day all I want to do is to get some tidy weights out and have a base to build on for the future events. I do think this will be the last comp for 2021 and it will be good to leave it with some tidy numbers, and as I said something to build on for next year’s British championships yes, I know the date and I have already planned that weekend out, work, training and accommodation. I do like to have things worked out ahead. In my day job I work shift work and have to del with going between days and night shifts. So, some planning is always required and let’s hope that next year brings the year that this was not eh.

So, tomorrow is Squats and I am looking forward to that it, the weights are starting to creep up and I know that they are all things I am more than capable of. This however doesn’t mean I will not be focused on each session after all it has been a while since I handled these weights so I cam not be complacent and take each session lightly. The order of the day is “FOCUS” and that is something I have not had for a while like this. As always, I am posting some snippets up of training on Instagram for anyone who is board and wants to see it.