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British Masters Classic championships July 21

That’s the British classic done now and here is my take on how the day went for me, after making bodyweight for 2 months in a row for this one I did think It may have been easier but there were some ups and downs on that side as I suppose I could expect.

Bodyweight was on the dot 74kgs. Great start to the day and that was made at the first weigh in.

Squats basically went 195kgs opener and that was 2.5Kgs above the M2 British record. I then went on to 205 and finished on 215Kgs. Pleased with how they felt, and a good point to be at considering the training time I have had since the Gyms reopened.

Bench, opened on 130Kgs and then went onto do 136 for a British M2 record on the full power and single lift record, previous records stood at 135 and 135.5Kgs so it chipped both them. Again, that felt great and was all I wanted to do so I declined a 3rd attempt.

Deadlifts a conservative opener on 212.5Kgs superseded the M2 Record total by a few Kgs and then I jumped to 230 for a good lift I did work bit more on that one than I had wanted, I did then call for 241Kg to have a go at the deadlift record an get a full sweep on the records but today it was just that bit to heavy and I was unsuccessful this time.

So, the final outcome was 581Kg total, beating the previous one by 21Kgs so not too bad for my first time classic British championships.  So that makes me British champion at both Equipped and classic. I guess not many will be doing that. So, with that over with it is full stem ahead for the Arnold classic in the UK, with this being the first time it has been held over here it will be great to be a part of this. There was some doubt due to the covid situation and with things now slightly better it is a big go go go.

So this week it is back on program and lets hope things keep going as well as before and that there is nothing stupid with the pandemic that effects my plans, and lets not forge the Arnold is running under the IPF banner so that means it is an international event and there is the chance of Continental records to be broken at this prestigious event.

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British Champs review

Again, a quick update on the British Champs, so it has come and now gone. It was great to be back competing and whilst the outcome was not the one, I wanted I, it was what it was so to speak.

So, with only making 3 out of 5 attempts I ended up with a 250Kg Squat, 185Kgs Bench and 200 Deadlift for a really poor 635Kg total however I did make the Bodyweight and weighed in at 73.8Kgs. now for me it was close on 2 years since I made the 74Kg weight class and that was the big plus for the day. I did miss a 270 Sq and 192.5 bench, the 185Kg was a M2 British record. So now I have a bench mark to work from it is back to the grind and looking ahead to the British Classic later this month. Doing my first British Classic was something that was on the cards for a while now the delay was as you all know Covid and the situation. I have changed my plan for the comp and again it will be at 74Kgs bodyweight class and the sole outcome will be to qualify for a Classic international at some point. My first year as the M2 has not gone to plan so a few adjustments is now to be expected. With the rest of the year ahead and now the option of some form of international championships it is time to look and see what I am able to compete in. for me the World Masters has been ruled out with short notice and the possibility of a family holiday I am waiting some other news on a championship

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For anyone who wants to watch the Equipped British champs the link is

2021 British Equipped Championships on Livestream