Monthly Archives: January 2021

New Year same situation

Firstly, may I wish you all a Happy New year

Well, here we are in a new year and most making some form of new year resolution, however I don’t think that is going on much this year. With the ongoing Covid-19 situation and lockdowns going on all over the country it is making life hard to have some normality and to focus on the future.

For myself it was meant to be a big year with me turning 50 and moving into the Master 2 category, I had hope of doing a few classic powerlifting comps also alongside my main powerlifting events.  But the reality is who knows when we will get to do a comp, we do have some dates pencilled in but they are likely to change with the current situation in the country. And combined with Gyms being closed, like most I don’t have access to home facilities to keep me going. I did have some bits earlier in the year and did do some form of exercise but then the weather was much better and doing it outside was more enjoyable.

So, for now I am on the Fitbit wagon and getting those steps in most days. I did have a pushbike for a while but tbh I did not find that worked well for me and preferred walking. It is just more suited to what I want to do. I get my headphones on and listen to a few podcasts to keep me going while I walk. I don’t set myself big targets when I walk, I have an idea of the route I will take and then go, and at my pace. I am fortunate that where I live there is a lot of cycle paths I can walk along and they are mostly flat. This is something I will defiantly be keeping going with the cardio, after all I do know when I am back at the gym I will recovery much quicker and feel a lot better during my gym sessions. For those who know me I do puff and pant like an old billy goat on times.

So, with the ongoing situation I do hope everyone is hanging in there and for those who are competitive lifters like myself I am sure you are able to work around things to keep you occupied and focused on some form of exercise to keep your mind and body healthy.   

Hopefully it will come to and end soon and we can get back into some normality and back into life as we knew it before. So until then stay safe people.