Monthly Archives: August 2020

Masters 2 lifting

So Covid-19 has now taken another victim in the form of the Masters World championships later on this year, The IPF have decided to cancel the Championships that had already been changed from April.  for me it was inevitable it was going to happen but the worse thing is that means that next year I am moving age group to the Masters 2 age group. Whilst growing old is one thing there is another thing to consider and for me that’s going to be a new challenge ahead. I had planned a fun packed year to end my M1 but that’s not to be and the focus now goes onto the year ahead.

I am back training now and with the disruption from the last few months it is time to start to rebuild and take things slow. I don’t want to jump right up too heavy weights right now, doing that could lead to picking up an injury and I don’t want that. I don’t need to squat over 300Kg right now so I can build slow, adjust training and get myself back up to those weights in time for the first comp of 2021. I am now enjoying my training and with the lower weights I can focus getting back to a tidy standard ahead of whatever prep I need to do ahead of the first comp back.

With the gym being quiet right now I am doing some more cardio outside of the weights and along with the focus on working at the bodyweight to make sure things are in a good place to start the year ahead.  This is something I will be keeping an eye on as time goes by I don’t need to be fat while I am turning into an old man, well older man eh