Monthly Archives: May 2020

How are you guys doing ?

How is everyone doing in the strange time we find ourselves in? I guess most are missing the normality of day to day things and seeing family and friends. Then there is the Gym and that side of things that we all take for granted. For myself I have ben fortunate to have been working through most of this, however I do think it is strange at the present time and my sympathy goes out to everyone who has been at home on their own in the situation.  So here I am now sitting in the sunshine with a cold beer relaxing and wondering what the hell has gone on. Some would say that maybe a higher message was sent down and that ‘God’ sent a message to the whole world to sort itself out and take stock of what is going on, Pollution is down, roads quieter and most people are now having to limit just what thy are doing on a day to day basis, and us realising just how small we are in this world

That’s enough off the philosophical stuff eh. So, what have I been doing instead of going to the gym. Well I have had a few bits out of our place to do things at my flat. It is not the same and the enthusiasm, I do miss the gym banter and my mates who are there the comradery. So when I do get the urge to do some training it is limited but I have had to look at what I can do and work things out. I will say though on the whole my forced rest is making my body feel better than ever, yes I have gained weight, drank too much, eaten rubbish and not really exercised like I should or could do but then. Who knows it could be the thing I need to get me closer to the pipe dream I have of a 800Kg total.  Despite fretting older and the reality off my next comp being as an M2. I have had to think about that side and I am excited as that is what it is and I do hope to keep going for and do some decent weights for an even older man than I am now.  Strange this year I started with some clear plans for the first time in a while and then this happened.  I do think everything happens for a reason and you jut have to go with it and accept things that you are unable to change.

So for now I am going to sit in the garden enjoy the sunshine and relax  so stay safe guys and hopefully it will be over soon and we can all get back to normality.