Monthly Archives: April 2020

Covid 19, Gyms and safety

Well it is a strange old world we are currently in, with things being locked down and able to go to their gyms it is a time to change things up a bit and improvise. For myself I have had to do just that also, I have managed to have some weights and dumbbells from the gym and with some bands and a swiss ball it is time to improvise. I have started to look at doing lighter work and use the ball with a choice of higher reps to isolate the individual movement I am doing at that time. Along with doing some barbel work in my car parking area when weather is permitting it has defiantly made for some interesting work outs. How long this is going to go on for I just don’t know and with my World Championships now moved to November it is still all up in the air as to will they go on or will it be a case of not having any comps this year at all.  With this world wide crisis going on I do think it is still a big possibility that that could happen. It is a shame but totally understandable and no one wants to put their life at risk.

It was not that long ago I sat down and worked out a big game plan for the whole year, specific goal and targets laid out in advance. My whole idea was to leave then Masters 1 division after winning everything I could possibly compete at. Oh well if that’s not the case then that’s just what it is. During this time, I am now hoping to get myself fully fit and those niggles that were there will now have time to rest and heal. Years ago, when I tore my bicep, I had 4 months off training and came back hungrier and stronger than before, maybe this will be the case now also. I do guess though we are all in the same situation and have to do what we can. At times like this a garage with some kit in it would be a blessing but that’s just a pipe dream now. So, for now I am going to keep working with it and searching for new ways to stimulate the muscles and keep myself in some shape for now.

So, while this is all going on, I hope you are all staying safe and looking after your family’s.