2020 and it has started

So that’s the start of the year done and dusted, 2 comps done 7 days apart and both could not be any different that they were

First was the British Equipped championships where I lifted in the 83Kg class. The days lifting went well and weighing in just over 76Kgs. With being small groups, I only took 2 squats and they were the first and third ending on a British record of 303Kg. Then I went onto the bench and with a conservative opened making 3 successful lifts there a failed attempt on the British record on my 3rd left the marker for Frosty to go for our little bench bet and in fairness he did win there and benched Well and won the bottle of Bourbon.

Well done Chubba.

Deadlifts again I only managed 2 good lifts finishing on 245Kgs and then I did jump to 255Kg for an attempt at the Masters total record but by this point I was all out of steam and failed it.

Again, it was a great comp and as usual Marc Giles and the Horncastle crew did a great job over the weekend.

This weekend it was a classic comp in the South Midlands and I competed there at 74Kgs bodyweight class.  This was hard lifting again so soon and this time under different circumstances.

There were no plans for this other than to do a qualifier for later on this year’s British masters classic. Thanks to South Midlands for allowing me to compete at this comp and also to the Barbell Division for holding the event.

My lifts were Squat 220Kg Bench 137;5Kg Deadlift 232:5Kg for a 590Kg total. It has been a while since I did a classic comp, and to do it in such a short time scale after the equipped and with no real prep in training classic was something different.

So, what is next then Well, I am going to Sun City in April to defend my Masters 1 World equipped Title. Then it will be onto the Europeans and there I want to do the same. I have also been asked about possibly going to some of the open championships also. Whilst this is great it is something I will need to think about seriously and look at dates and costs.

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