Monthly Archives: December 2019

British equipped 2020

So the British are soon coming up and I have decided to opt for the heavier weight class for this one.  I felt it was a better option for myself at this point with Christmas and then the World masters coming earlier this year and being combined with the classic worlds again being held in South Africa in April in Sun City.  Then we will have onto the European’s again at the usual time of year and not combined with anything else. 

So apart from that what’s happened. Well, nothing major, I suppose other than I have been a whole post of things about Powerlifting in general and things that people think make the sport. Flashing lights smoke machines and all sorts of SHOW thing like that.  It does seem that there is a percentage of people who think that’s how it is meant to me. There was a big thing regarding a USAPL championships and how that they had done something like that and that was the way forward and what was needed. 

Now I have lifted in America myself and it was far from all the glory of a WWE wrestling show. It was actually a competition for people to lift and try to do their best. Yes, ok music helps lift the atmosphere but where do you decide to add-in all the glorious extras that are supposedly wanted.  It does make me wonder what people think they need their days. We have seen the sport grow like there is no tomorrow and now we have multi-platform events that are hard enough to organise and run but without the smoke machines and strobes.  My opinion is when we compete we are a sport not a show and that may be an old fashioned view but if it is not broke then don’t fix it eh. 

My last point is there are lots out there who criticise instead if help and yes the sport does need to change with time but there are some things that are just pointless.