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European Masters 2019 Sibiu Romania

So, on reflection after the Europeans, I felt I should update my blog. Firstly, what a lovely place Sibiu is. Not quite sure what I was expecting but it definitely was not as nice as it was.
Having the heat over there was something I was unsure about other than helping me to move the last few pounds to make weight. For some reason it was not as I would have thought that would have been, the body weight did not come down as I have expected. However, saying that I did eat and drink more than normal up to the last few days. So maybe it was not as bad as I first thought it was.
Comp day, surprisingly I was a bit lighter than I had expected, it must have been the walk to the venue in the lovely morning sunshine that was done under duress cheers ’Frosty’
So making weight and warming up I felt quite good, first squat nerves are always for me the first hurdle and once that was done I decided to take a smaller jump than expected. This lead onto me missing the 282..5Kg on my second. I did however scrap it through in my last attempt to get the lift.
Onto the bench and this was what I had been pushing a bit harder than the other lifts and for the obvious reason that the fantastic bencher Mr Franklin took my single lift record. However today it was evident that the bench I had wanted was not coming out to play today. We dropped the opener after the advice of Coach Bowring and made 3 successful lifts ending on 212.5kg. Not all was lost I did win a bottle of Bourbon from the British record holder Phil frost on our bench off. Cheers, Frosty.
Deadlifts warm ups went well, so the opening lift should have been comfortable, however as soon as I started to pull, I felt my grip was really slippy. So, the inevitable happens I dropped the weight. I did redeem myself on the second and made the lift and more importantly, a total. With a few of us being quite close it was picking a weight to try to get in the medals for the deadlift. In the end I only made one good lift and dropped both my other attempts and today was no deadlift medal for me unfortunately.
So down on what I wanted and all things considered it was a reasonable day and the final outcome was GOLD on Squat and Bench. Nothing on Deadlift however it was Gold overall and still European Champion. For me despite it not being the day I wanted I enjoyed the lifting and was really looking forward to the championship. It is not always the case, having a bit of fun and enjoying it is a big part of the whole championship bit. This was definitely that.
On another note, I did manage to Win the Master1 Best lifter and that was a surprise with the total I had done I had figured I needed to do a bit more to be in with a shout for that.
Once again I would like to Thank my sponsors for their help and support, Titan, Nrg Fuel and Paleo Nutrition Wales for all you’re help and continued support. Another Big help is my Lovely lady who continues to get me to think about why I do this and what I should be doing during training and life in general. Thanks, Michelle for your support, and also a Big Well done on Winning the Euros yourself.