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Welsh Championships 2019

So, I am finally going to get to doing my Post comp write up, Last week I did the WPA Welsh championships and lifted in my annual classic comp and overweight at 83kgs.

I weighed in at 77.5Kgs and it was a bit heavier than I had anticipated but when you don’t watch your weight these things happen. With the squats I did 3 lifts and finished with 240Kgs for a British Masters 1 record and for the day and build up it was defiantly the correct weigh.

The bench is something I had been working hard on prior to the Welsh in the hope that when I switch back to my equipped Lifting it would be right up where I wanted it and it would put me in with a chance of breaking my British record again and chipping that a bit more. The warm ups went well but disaster happened when I went on the platform. Not having blocks, I had to use some bumper weights and the whole set up changed. Missing my first and getting the 155Kgs on my second was not part of the plan. Fair to say the second was a max lift and down on what I had planned, a try at 160Kgs was just that a try it was not really going anywhere and tbh even if I had taken a smaller jump the outcome would have been the same.

Deadlifts went good 2 successful lifts and ending on 240Kgs with a final attempt at 245Kgs for a Welsh record in the lift and total was not too be, on the plus side it was not a grip issue it was just too heavy on the day.

Well what’s next, it is going to be a short break and then back into training for the Equipped European masters in July. Not having been to Romania before will be something that is different and also something to look forward to. The training is planned out and the focus will be to defend my Master title in the 74Kg weight class. I now need to be more consistent with my training plans and diet also. I don’t want o be leaving the weight drop till last minute and putting myself under pressure to make weight at the comp.