Monthly Archives: March 2019

Training and the future

It has been a while since my last post and tbh I don’t know where the time has the time gone eh  

Well I am currently doing some raw stuff in the build up towards the Welsh championships in April. For me the dates all sit really well with my planned comps for this year. 

So far it is the Welsh in April, Europeans in Romania in July. Then the Worlds in Soth Africa during October. Then I think that will be it for this year. 

Reflecting on the last comp and despite not having the best performance it was still a Win and as always a building block to work off.  Really trying to focus at the moment on my basic strength and where I want to be at each point I compete this year. Whilst I don’t really do a yearly program I do have some ideas penciled in for each part. 

The Welsh is more than likely to be at 83kgs class well there is no real point in dieting for this one. However I don’t really want to be massively over the 74kg class limit, whilst being 80kgs in bodyweight feels good on times I figure it is not the best move for me. 

The Europeans this will be at 74kgs, lifting for the first time in Romania and amongst the vampires should be fun.  It is always good to go to different countries and to see how they run their events. 

The Worlds again I will be 74kgs and it will be South Africa and that is a place I have not been for some years. Having been there a few times before I am sure it will be a different challenge for me with weather and starting to lift very early out there. 

I have mentioned the bodyweight and whilst I would like to one day move to the 83s I have to think of the health side and the fact I am not getting any younger and with my hight I would be very robust. I am currently keeping an eye on the cardio side I do and that’s not just to keep my weight in control but also to help me stay fitter and healthy. The cardio side of my training I don’t find a chore like I have done in the past and that has to be a big plus for me. Also I figure while if I am fitter I can recover quicker and that has to be a good thing surely 

Diet wise having help from Paleo Nutrition Wales on board is a big advantage in helping me eat quality cuts of meat and with my food prep.  Again it seems funny that after all there years of lifting I starting to change habits and realising the advantages of things like prepping meals in advance, it is definitely making life easier and with only having to figure out what I can prep in advance of the batch cooking times. For this of you who buy food online you should check them out they have some great deals and I will say it is quality meat.