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Europeans Championships 2018

So here is my take on the Europeans. Yes, I successfully defended my title, However I will say firstly I made hard work off it on the squats. Only managing to get my last squat passed by the referees a weight that I have done many a time and I did consider to be a comfortable weight. Not hitting depth on my opener, I stayed on 280Kgs and then hit the bottom mis grooved the lift and lost balance. Then I came out on my last and did the lift to satisfy the referees. Woooosh first Gold of the day


The Bench I opened on 200Kgs and then jumped to 207.5Kgs for another comfortable lift and that weight was picked to win the European Bench off between myself and Phil Frost. I then jumped to 220.5Kgs for another shot at the European record, coming quite close it was just lost at the top and despite not making it I felt it was a good try. My second was enough to gain the Gold on the Bench also.

The deadlift came, and I was really starting to feel depleted. My opener on 230Kgs was enough to secure the win and then a 242.5Kgs second gave me the Bronze in the deadlifts I did try 250Kgs, but it was not there and no where near on the day.

So, as I said the overall outcome was a win and with my poorest performance to date. Also placing 3rd in the Best lifters award.

So, what’s next then well all being well I am going to be lifting at the Arnold European classic in Barcelona during September. So, it is no peace for the wicked and it is back to training and adjusting the prep for that comp