Monthly Archives: June 2018

Paleo Nutrition Wales

So here is some great news for me to share with you guys. I have been fortunate to have picked up a new sponsor. The Guys at Paleo Nutrition Wales have started to help me with another aspect off my training. This time it is diet and they are going to make sure they fuel me up with their top-quality meat. So, for any of you who use the online way to purchase meat please check them out, you won’t be disappointed at the quality off all their cuts off meat.
Having these guys on board will definitely make it easier to get my diet spot on and with the quality they provide I know I am eating top quality meat.


EPF Hall Of Fame

Right for any of you who don’t already know, Last month (May 18) at the EPF European open championships I was elected in to the EPF Hall Of Fame for my lifting. I was totally amazed to have been inducted into this Hall of Fame. Whilst I have been lifting for a number of years both nationally and internationally it was a complete bolt from the blue and a total honour to receive this award.