Monthly Archives: March 2018

Welsh championships update

So not too long now before the end off this training cycle and the Welsh Championships. Some off my thoughts on this build up was far from positive if I am honest. Whilst for most off it I have managed to do everything I set out there have been some waves along the way. Not being friends with my squat has been a pain and whilst I have still managed to plod on I did not feel it was as sharp as it is normally. Think for me the big change was this weekends squats. Whilst I am still a long way away from my best they actually felt ok in the end. Let’s hope me and the squat can now become friends again.
For those of you who noticed I was not at the British Equipped earlier in the year so that means I have to lift at the Welsh to show I am still good for being selected for this years internationals. The Europeans is back in Czech again and I do like that place. It is an easy place to get too and well being there so many times you know you’re way around. Mongolia for the Worlds and that is the major grey area if I am honest. We have been looking into that and the whole weighing up everything is coming into play. So more on that front later in the year. So what else can I say at this point? Lifting training not feeling the love and that sums it up really. Hopefully the mojo will jump back into place soon and the rest of the year can start to be planned out. Who knows maybe even win a few comps on the way