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British Equipped 2018

Afternoon people, for those of you who follow my blog may have noticed that I did not lift at the recent British Equipped championships. Well unfortunately the week before the event my youngest boy broke his arm. On the Thursday before the British he has his check up and the consultant felt the arm was not sitting right and would not heal correctly. The prognosis was on the Friday he would be operated on and recast then for some weeks. Fortunately, when he was put under for the op they managed to manipulate the arm rather than use pins at this point. I was so proud off the way Lewis handled it and even now a week after he has been great with the situation.
So now my mini crisis is over it will be back to the drawing board and next up will be the Welsh Championships being held in Cardiff in April. This has now given me a chance to drop right back in weights and re adjust my training towards this event. There is some time now till the European masters and me having to defend my title in Czech Republic. It was a shame about the British, but these things happen, the world acclaimed #GBBO had to be postponed until the Euros now so Phil Frost you got your reprieve best get training hard for July.
Can I say also a big shout out to Marc Giles and the Horncastle for running an amazing comp combining the Full power and Bench only equipped lifting. It is nice to see the equipped side coming back up in the numbers again.