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Update after the IPF World Masters

Finally got round to updating my blog and  well better late than never i suppose. Firstly it was the first time I have been to Estonia and it is fair to say the whole comp and hotel set up was great. The Estonian federation have run a few comps in the last couple off years and they have all been a great success. Anyway back to the lifting, during this build up there have been a few issues I had to relook at with my training and change a few things around to get back to where I wanted to be. I think on the whole the build up went well and nearly everything I set out to do I did. My body weight has been good since the European’s in July and that was something I wanted to monitor. It was good being 80Kgs sometimes but if I am honest it was way too heavy for me.

On the day off the comp I weighed in a bit lighter then I had expected more so as the day before my weight had jumped up a bit more then I would have liked.

Feeling good in the warm up I knew my squats were finally starting to feel good again and I was confident I could handle a decent weight that day. A comfy opener on 275Kgs set me up for what I thought was going to be a good squat day. My last attempt off 297.5Kg was given and then a few mins later the jury overruled the decision and removed the lift leaving me with a 290kgs on the board. For my main rival he unfortunately was unable to make a successful squat and that left me right at the top providing I made my openers on a he other lifts.

A sensible decision to lower my bench opener to 200Kgs was put in and only making 2 attempts I was still way in the lead off the rivals.

Again my deadlift was dropped and that secured me the win and then it was just a bit off chess trying to get a deadlift medal. Despite failing my second deadlift I managed to get an individual medal on the lift and was happy with the outcome.

For me it was not my best days lifting and whilst I am getting older there are good point I can take from this and move forward to the next comp. getattachmentthumbnail

This was my second IPF Masters World title and that gives me a total off 5 in my lifting career. I would like to say a big Thank you to everyone who supported me and has been there to help me out. The gym boys at Yonkers gym. My sponsors Titan and NRG Fuel. My boss and union for their financial help. My children who accept me for what I am and hopefully are proud for what I have archived, lastly  to my lovely lady Michelle who helps me stay focused on what I am doing and just what I need to do to be the best I can.