Monthly Archives: May 2016

Raw Training

It is about time I updated my blog so here goes. Since the British I have been concentrating on the first part off the build up towards the European Masters in July. I have had a rethink about my teaming and just what I wanted to do. In the last 11 weeks I have focused on a full raw build up to this point and decided to leave the kit alone totally on this phase. It has been a very interesting time and whilst I have always done a fair bit off raw stuff I have really been outside my comfort zone with this. Some off you may be aware I hold the classic Squat record with 240Kgs, this was a weight I had worked up to and not really done any reps over 210Kgs in the past. On my program I set out the sets and reps and wanted to stick as closely to it as possible. It is fair to say the outcome was pleasing for me and I finished on a few singles with 240kgs. Similarly with the bench I was pleased with the outcome and whilst my raw bench does not feel as good as it has done in the past I have ended on a few singles with 160Kgs. The deadlift is always a hard one for me to work out as some days it feels great and I honestly feel I can pull everything I set myself to do. I do tend to find that sometimes the main issue with it for me is I work it a bit too hard in the first part off the build-up and become fatigued with the lift. The end of this cycle was a 240Kgs lift and it felt good and was a working lift. Well what’s next ? I am lifting on the 22nd in a local meet to finish off my raw build up and then make the transition back over to my kit in prep for the Euro’s. I am hopes be the raw build up with help when I get back in to kit and give me a good carry over towards this comp. I really need to get back up to the lifts I want and know I am capable of doing and what’s would be better than doing that whilst I defend my European Masters title. I have done a video with the highlights from the last few weeks’ raw stuff and as always feel free to comment