Monthly Archives: March 2016

British and reflection

Well I have spent the last few days looking back on the last weeks comp and wondering what to make off it. Apart from being crap, in the last week before the comp I had a some unexpected issues with my bodyweight and a unexpected weight loss was needed to make the 74kg class limit.
On the day my warm ups went as planned and I did not feel drained with the dehydration to make the last few pounds. My opening squat off 282Kgs should have been a comfortable opener however I hit the racks on the way down and almost lost my balance. Retaking the lift again and then making my third with 290Kgs was the start off the downfall really, these lifts I have done many a time but today was just not going as I had planned. Again a miss on my opening bench with 205Kgs knocked me back and no where near what I had planned. I ended up with 212.5Kgs and that was about right for the day really.
My deadlifts felt good and making only 2 valid attempts and ending on. 252.5Kgs. Missing my last lift this time and not the first.
The outcome was 755Kgs @74kg bodyweight and a disappointed performance from myself.
There are no excuses for the days lifting other than it was a day that’s things just weren’t there. I had not overtrained, it was not the weight loss either. It was just one off those days you have as a lifter. I have looked at what’s next and where i am going to lift next I don’t want to leave it till the Europeans and do nothing other than train up to then. I have some things in mind and a good comp between now and then will help restore my faith in my lifting.
I have a video from the day feel free to watch it and comment and well laugh at It also if you want.
Thanks again to those who have helped me and been there in all that I do training wise. My sponsors and my better half Michelle who all keep me on the right road and focused towards my ultimate goal.