Monthly Archives: February 2016

Sponsors and Training

So the British is only a few short weeks away and it is fair to say things are going ok. My mindset is great and I am focused towards this comp with some targets in mind. As always my training is planned out and has a structure to it however I will say sometimes I have to change things around and adapt to what is going on with life and work. For me this is just a part off everyday life and something that needs to be done. Over that last 8 weeks or so I have planned was his session out and made sure there has been nothing left out. I feel this cycle has been a really good build up for me and I have enjoyed the whole ride so far. Experience tells me what I can and can’t do and what I need to focus on and I have done just that.
My bodyweight has started to come down and I have been keeping up some cardio not just for the weight loss but being a bit fitter helps me recover quicker. My supplement sponsors NRG Fuel have been great as always and I have been keeping topped up with protein day and nightly. I have still been using the anabolic whey and some casein. They have been the main supps I have used for a while now.
With regards to kit I have some new kit from Titan and they are top class when it comes to powerlifting kit. Without the help these companies have given me the whole journey would be made so much harder. Trying my best to be a good ambassador for both company’s is a must for me after all both have supported my for some years now. The least I can do is pass on how good their stuff is and do my little bit to promote their products. Both have a valuable part in the strength training world in their own right.

I have uploaded a clip from this week’s training. It was the first session with a full squat suit and as you who lift in kit will know it was a lovely as it could be. I had a change of venue for the squats and trained with the guys up in Greenock just outside Glasgow where they have their club and fair to say it was a good session and whilst being serious it was full off banter.
My bench I had a slight issue with my fist set and the shirt not being set right so I lost the second rep into the rack. However I did get it sorted for the rest off the sets. Deadlifts it did not go to plan I was due to have my suit on but with a few issues and moving training around I dos the session without. Despite a fail on my last lift I was pleased with the session. My deadlift is feeling good and fast for a change, next week I will be lifting in my suit for my final session.
My bodyweight is bouncing about and hopefully will be a lot closer by the end off this week ahead, well nothing better than cutting it fine and despite being a bit heavier through the start off the cycle I have dropped some weight without much off an issue.
Anyways hope you guys enjoy the video and feel free to comment on it or anything else I have posted.

Training clips

well I finally got around to posting a clip up in you tube from this week’s training.

I got a new app for the phone making it easier to edit the stuff I have recorded in the gym. The squats this week were up in west mids at their powerlifting club. Great bunch off lads and a unit just for lifting.