Monthly Archives: December 2015

The Calm before the storm

Well here we are just starting the build up towards the British Equipped. It will be good to get back to a program and focus on the task ahead. I have had a good rethink about some off this years comps and build ups. There was a few things that I had changed and some that need addressing. With my body weight class growing in numbers I can not afford to have any weak links.
With regards to my training there will not be any major changes in the main lifts just my assistance and they will be focused on the bad habits and weak points. Combined with possible a few sessions at some different gyms with some other lifters. Another key factor is my cardio and I have been doing that for a while now not only to keep my weight under control but I do find it helps me with my recovery. My Sponsors NRG Fuel have some off the best supplements out there and I have got my plan on what I need to help with my recovery. So along with some smart training the plan is almost complete.
The build up starts this week and whilst some are winding down because off Christmas I have a target set and need to stay focused.
On another note a big well done to my fellow Brits at the Commonwealth Champs lots off Bling coming back into the country. A Special Well Done to Team Wales have done really well also. Keep it going guys and girls.