Monthly Archives: November 2015

2015 and Reflection on my lifting

Well here is my summery off the year. Oh the whole it has been ok I am sort off back to where I should be and it has taken me a while but it is defiantly on the upside now.
Multiple British titles. European Gold and World silver medalist. Surprising enough I have had a hoard off medals at both internationals along with deadlift ones. Not bad for someone with small fat hands and grip issues. I also made it onto Powerlifting watch.

Check out the link a bit off coverage from the Worlds in Denver.
The Home Nations being the last comp for this year ended well with just being 5kgs away from my best ever total and missing just 1 lift there was a good way to end the year. Best lifter also for the equipped section and a British record on the bench.
So what’s next well I think now there is some time till the British next year and that will give me time to get some training in before that’s comp and a title defence. The 74s are becoming a highly contested class and as the oldest in it I need to keep the young guys away. Whilst at this time my total exceeds them I don’t want to take that for granted and some ground work is needed to keep me on top off the class at both open and masters in Britain. So for now it will be back to lifting raw. Hopefully hitting some decent numbers and then when I change back over to kit I will reap the rewards.

Can I also say a Big Thank You to my Sponsors Nrg fuel for all my supplements and to Titan support systems for their powerlifting apparel.