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Europeans and Golds

I just don’t know where the Last few weeks have gone to. It seems like there was a few session left on the gym and then there would be the comp. in a blink off an eye it was all here and done. Must be an age thing eh.

Well here goes and the Europeans went well. For myself the only concern was my benching and the upper body strength. Most off everything else was about where I should have been with what training that has gone on in the build up.
Anyway here is the run down on the Europeans
Squats went good. Opening on 280kgs and then making 292.5kg on my second, I opted for a 300kg on a third lift and squatted it unfortunately I was just off depth and got it turned down however the second was good enough for the gold squat medal.
Bench was opener off 200kgs and a second lift off 207.5kgs. This was enough to win the gold bench medal so the third attempt was another go at the the European record off 221kgs. Not quite being able to press it today ended up in no record or lift this time. I think if I was honest it was a long shot with the issues I have had in this build up with my shoulder. However to bench what I did with so little upper body work is pleasing and now I am on the mend the record is looking good to be taken in the worlds. Maybe this time I will get it.
Deadlift by the time we came to deadlift the heat in Czech was immense we were up way over the 30s and that’s warm. I opted to drop my opener down a bit and that way I could take fewer warm ups. My opener secured the win by a fair margin. My second lift was 250kg and this put me in the bronze deadlift position. The Czech lifter in my class missed his third lift and we went to 252.5kgs for a shot at the silver medal. Not bad for someone who ain’t built to deadlift. These small fat hands just about held onto the weight. So with 3 golds and a silver it was a successful day. The overall total was slightly down on the British but there is signs off something bigger coming soon. Also to round off the weeks lifting I was the 3rd best lifter on the wilks. A drop from the overall last year but that is the way it goes in this sport.
So what’s next well it has to be Denver and the worlds to defend my title. Having never lifted on American soil this is one comp I am definitely looking forward to and I will be fully focused on. Whilst I am still trying to raise the funds I am feeling confident I am going to be there.
Again if anyone would like to help towards getting me there I have a go fund me account and you can donate to it.