Monthly Archives: May 2015

Phase 1 for Euros is now done

Time for me to update my blog with what has gone on in the first  phase off training. Squats and deadlifts have gone to plan the most was without kit. Unfortunately I have picked up a little boggle on the front deltoid and i working around that right now to make sure I am fit and healthy for the second phase on this build up.

In the second phase I am going to introduce some training kit as the weights get a bit heavier.
With regards to supplements I am still going to carry on with the anabolic whey and anabolic transporter from Nrg Fuel. Both are just a small part off their fantastic range and as always I thank them for the sponsorship I have had and it is great to be part off #teamnrgfuel
On another note a good mate off mine dropped me a new tshirt off. Any off you guys after specialist gym kit you should check them out Spartan fitness equipment. It was his logo #preparetowin on the back off some off the tops. Fair to say it is a good logo to have and sticks in my mind.
Over the last few days my trip to the Europeans has been finalised and the nominations are in and now with the flights and hotel booked it is reality. Let’s hope for a successful defence off my EPF Masters European Title.
On another note I am still trying to raid some funds to help with the cost off getting to the IPF Worlds and defend my title there in September, anyone wanting to help out can do so through my go find me account the link is

Back To Training

Here we are back in training towards the Euro Masters and I think it has been a good start to the training cycle towards the comp. I have adjusted a few things and will be keeping an eye on a few weaknesses I have at the moment and make sure they are adjusted accordingly. I don’t want any slip ups at the Euros I have a lot off plans and want them executed right at this comp. silly mistakes like missing lifts doe to depth are a no no it has been a long time since I made stupid mistakes like that and the last 6 months seem to have been a time where it has happened. Tbh I am not sure the reasons why but however they need to be sorted and I cannot afford to have this happen again to me.
The other 2 lifts are going ok I think they have been about where I would expect them at this point in training and I was pleased with the results at the British, however I still need to push on and improve them for the bench Is getting closer to the European Record and let’s hope that come July it will come right and I will take that one. Deadlifts well not being a natural dead lifter i have to work hard at this part but it is defiantly going in the right direction and whilst I was 5kgs behind my best at the British I felt this was a good lift on reflection for what I have done in training towards the comp.
However like i said there has to be no weak link in my armour and I need to work all the lifts well and iron out any imperfections.
With regards to my World fund there has been a few donations and for that I am thankful for the people who have done this and are helping me get to compete at the Worlds in September in Denver in the big old USA having never had the chance to lift there before it would be a great place to go and defend my title.
If anyone wants to help out no matter how small the donation then please do so you can use the following link and pay through PayPal also for those of you who don’t know every time someone donates to my fund then go find me get a small bit to help towards all the causes they donate to.