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Video highlights

Here we are guys the video from this weeks training, just a few off the highlights. Feel free to comment

Getting Closer to the British

Here we are a month away from the British champs and my de load is over with for this cycle. It is now time to up the weights and start to focus towards comp day. Here is the list off the entrants for this years combined British Hopefully in the next few weeks we […]

Blog update

Here is just a bit off an update on how the last few weeks have gone since the last update. Training has changed a bit and I have introduced some kit for this part off the build-up. For the squats there is knee wraps and a lose suit worn with straps down. On the bench […]

Discovery Games 2015

This weekend I was fortunate to be involved with the discovery games in Dundee. I was platform manager for the disability powerlifters. They had just over 20 lifters and all who lifted put a great performance in and it was emotional to see these guys and girls giving it they all. The people who organize […]