Monthly Archives: February 2015

1 Comp done and 2015 has started,

What can I say
It has been an amazing week. I have been a bit late on the blog updates bit well Welsh power cup went better than expected. In case you did not know I lifted raw this time, the main reason was to test my pre equipped build up towards the open and masters in April. The squats went 230/237.5 and I failed a British record off 241kgs.
Bench well that has been rubbish lately and with the change around in the training had defiantly not helped it at all. I only just managed a 152.5kg bench and despite the training not been great it was good to try out a few new things. Now back to the old tested and tried method.
Deadlifts well what can I say 225/235 then onto a British masters record off 243.5kgs. A successful deadlift now made me the national record holder. In all my years off lifting I have never held a deadlift record and boy that feels good. I know soon that will be gone and who will take it but till then Paul Cooper it is MINE. Now fair play Paul is an amazing deadlifter and a good guy with it. Let just hope he stays raw and leaves me alone in the equipped class
On another note the open class at the British is looking like it will be a big class and hopefully there will be some good lifters pushing me and making me work for everything on that day. I do think that the last few months training since the four nations has helped me get to where I would like to be. I think I need to evaluate my training and take the good bits that have worked and change thing around for the next build up.
So watch out guys there is plenty off life on this old dog.