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Welsh Power Cup

Hi People. Here we are the week off the first comp off the year. Sunday the 1st is the Welsh Power Cup. In the last few weeks I have changed my training around and tried a few new things. Think my squat and deadlift have responded well however I am not to happy with my upper body strength and feel that change has not worked well for my bench. However nothing ventured nothing gained. There has been some short videos posted up on my face book page.
So I think after the comp it will be a time to reflect on what has worked and what has not. The main objective off this comp is to focus on my raw strength and get some good work in before I return to kit for the other comps that I have planned this year. The main objectives will be retain my IPF World and European titles, maybe even hold onto the best lifter awards also.
However the journey to all that will start at the British champs in April. This year I get to compete at the open and masters now the GBPF have combined the Nationals. I am sure it will be a packed out weekend at Moulton Collage with the juniors. Seniors and masters all going head to head.
As I said earlier with regards to training I changed things around to have a few changes without using any kit and the early signs will be a change around in the upper body work outs. Also I have started to incorporate some yoga in to my life. I have found that I need work on some flexibility and also it helps me to relax. Having used yoga now for a few sessions I found it has defiantly made a difference in my posture and flexibility. I am hoping it would help iron out a few niggles and balance my body out a bit better


Well guys here we are all focused for the year ahead, fingers crossed it will beĀ  abetter year than the last one. I have started a Go Fund me account to help with the cost that will be occurred this year if anyone is interested in donating no matter how small an amount it would be greatly appreciated.

Happy New Year

Sorry for the long break in updating the blog. Happy new year to you all and may it be a great new year.
So what’s been happening then with me ? There has been some changes in my training and it is well low rep raw stuff going on at the moment. I have been speaking to a few close friends and some reputable lifters for some ideas on a change about while there is no comp build up going on right now. Well no major comp should I say. However in a few weeks I am lifting locally with no major plans in mind but more so to just compete. I won’t be using kit at this comp like I said it is just something to give me a focus on for now with the change in training. So after this comp then the year ahead will be planned out and the next on my list would be the British champs in April. This year the GBPF are combining the junior,open and masters. This would give me a chance to win back my open title so watch out William Murray I am coming for you. The last few years there has been some issues with dates coinciding. Hopefully there will be a big turn out now for the event and will add up to a full packed weekends lifting. There won’t really be any break from this Feb comp and the main change will be I will start to get some kit on towards the British. With the change around in the last few weeks it has been enjoyable and nice to focus on some different exercises and work on my raw strength. Although I am not fully up to my raw strength I am also working on assistance stuff to help make sure I don’t leave anything with a weakness that may cause an injury later on in the year.
The basic template is the same four days a week all lifts done twice the sets and reps are changed around. Also it was nice to have my best lifter trophy turn up in swansea at new year. It was kept safe and was the first time I was able to catch up and have it where it belongs and that’s on my mantle.

I was asked about my supplementation last week and I have decided to go back to using anabolic whey from my great sponsors NRG FUEL. Along with some 100%whey I find that works well for me, then some zma for sleep and recovery and well some crazy dreams that people do have with that.
As always I like to thanks the sponsors for helping my on my quest to be top off the tree and what with last year winning the IPF World masters title it is now going to be a challenge to retain it this year in Denver. For myself I have never lifted in the Usa so that in itself will be a first and hopefully a memorable one.
So for Nrg fuel and Titan support systems THANKS for your help and let’s hope the year ahead is a good one. After all British, European and World champion 2014 and all titles are up for grabs again this year.