Monthly Archives: August 2014

Back to Training

So here are at the end off another weeks training. Focus is now on the world masters at the end of September. Having had a relaxing holiday with my children and some chill out time it is now full steam ahead and let’s go get that world title. With all my personnel life now sort off calmed down I am feeling much happier in the day to day things that go on and with my training itself I feel I can concentrate on the forthcoming event.
Training wise well I am going to stick with my general program and tweak the weights, I think in the build up towards the Europeans I over estimated the weights I wanted and with having lots off other issues going on it was the wrong thing at that time. I was disappointed with the final outcome but this time I have out more thought into the lifts I have done lately, more so on what I would like to do at the worlds. I am going to add some band work back in also on the speed work and focus on some more shoulder work. These are a few off the areas I feel I am lacking at the moment my general raw strength I am happy with and it is not far off my best. However there has always got to be room for improvement and some slight adjustments will hopefully give me what I want. I have been talking to Titan about my kit and we have changed a few bits about with the suit on the squat and hopefully it will give me a better fit.
With regards to my supplementation I am now back using Nrg’s anabolic transporter it is a great creatine stack and I found some good gains with it previously this year already. That and the anabolic whey I think are 2 great products and will be a big part of my supplementation in the next few weeks build up. Also I will be using Bcca and Glutamine and zinc.
For those off you who have used zinc in the past I find myself it really does help with the sleep side off things but sometimes you do get some pretty wild dreams on it. Talk about deep vivid dreams. Sometimes not always the best but dreams and deep sleep nevertheless