Monthly Archives: May 2014

I am back and firing on all cylinders

Hi Guys things have been a bit manic here and I have let the blog slip a bit. Well I am now back with a vengeance and blog is going to be updated regular and also some videos along the way.
With regards to training I am focused towards the European Master’s in July. I have a title to defend and some lifts to get out and try to get me closer to that 800Kg total I want so bad. Most off my raw training has been done and I am now introducing some lose kit as the weeks come closer to the Euro’s. This week I am up to just over 80% in all 3 lifts. Deadlifts were 215Kgs and Bench was 182.5Kgs Squats are 257.5Kgs, all being done foe multiple sets and low reps.
Supplement wise I have been using NRG Fuel’s Anabolic Transporter I have had some good gain with it and intend to use this great product up to the Euro’s. Here is the lick Check it out
Also on another note the GB Team are going to the Classic worlds this week so if your home and want to see some lifting check it out live on the link below